Practice Areas

González Amado

Practice areas
  • Litigation: Representation in claims at the Labour Courts within the whole country. Representation in claims and administrative proceedings before the Argentine Ministry of Labor and any of its agencies, and also before any other administrative labor authorities, at national and provincial level.
  • Legal assistance: assistance in any kind of labor and social security matters, including but not limited to: the prevention of possible claims and trials; the definition of strategies linked to HR policies; employees’ matters that may arise from the creation of new companies and/or business reorganization processes; different types of employment contracts and termination of employees. Legal advice in the drafting of confidentiality and non-compete covenants, especially for senior employees; drafting and review of internal regulations; lecture of training and update courses for HR personnel.
  • Collective Labor Law: assistance and representation in the relationship with the union and representatives within the company. Representation in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and salary negotiations; management of and assistance in the prevention and response to strikes, work stoppages, demonstrations, boycotts, picketing and any other employee actions. Assistance in conflicts concerning the application of collective bargaining agreements within the company.
  • Assistance in all kind of aspects regarding the application of tax laws, at international, national, provincial and municipal level. Tax planning for investment strategies, business opportunities and the development of transactions in industrial, commercial and services activities. Legal advice concerning corporate structures, creation and management of joint ventures, foreign investments in Argentina, tax advice in financing alternatives and commercialization networks.
  • Reorganization of duty-free companies, mergers, spin-offs, business transfers.
  • Drafting of contracts and any kind of services that give rise to payments abroad, etc. Interpretation and application of Double Taxation Treaties. Assistance to companies in projects concerning industrial promotions.
  • Assistance and representation in tax proceedings, including but not limited to tax assessment, reimbursement actions, at a national, provincial or municipal level. Prosecution of actions and remedies before tax authorities at a national, provincial and municipal level. Assistance with and attention of inspections, verifications and audits. Summary proceedings to protect constitutional rights and constitutional actions. Defense in tax assessment, application of fines, business closures, tax enforcement and tax collection. Tax lien discharge. Binding enquiries to tax authorities.
  • Comprehensive assistance in any kind of matters with which companies have to deal on a daily basis, including not only the typical transactions (leases, distribution, services, supply, assignments, among others) but also the new and modern commercial contracts (factoring, leasing, purchase of assets, outsourcing, software implementation, among others).
  • Negotiation, drafting and enforcement of any kind of commercial contracts. Advice in all kind of contracts, including but not limited to: distribution, agency, franchises, licensing of services, warranty contracts, leases, manufacture contracts, licenses, joint ventures, etc.
  • Drafting and design of any documents relating to the creation and registration of companies and any and all acts regarding their operation and liquidation, such as: bylaws; minutes; shareholders’ agreements; increase and reduction of capital stock; liquidation process; among others.
  • Assistance in every kind of daily matters with which companies have to deal (keep the accounting books, control of minutes of shareholders’ meetings; records; etc.).
  • Comprehensive assistance and legal advice in any kind of intellectual property matters, including trademark, patent and design registration; copyright for the protection of every kind of works (artistic, music, design, journalistic, scientific, software); anti-counterfeiting measures and its enforcement; trademark and/or copyright licensing; know-how and technology licensing.
  • Negotiation, drafting and review of license, franchise, edition and representation contracts.
  • Due diligence.
  • International coverage rendered through a network of foreign offices.
  • Legal documents, including contracts, bylaws, corporate minutes, certificates, balance sheets, memorandums and financial statements, among others.
  • Personal documents, résumés, birth, marriage and death certificates, secondary and university transcripts and degrees, medical certificates.
  • Technical documents (computer systems manuals, instructions manuals, etc.) and newspaper articles of a wide range of subjects (politics, economics, security, entertainment, etc.).